Operas, Baroque, and Destruction // Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany via Beer Time With Wagner

It seems like an unlikely combination – operas, baroque, and destruction. Yet, the history of Dresden, Germany is complex, sad, and beautiful – a story of rising from the ashes. Before WWII, Dresden was the epicenter of German culture and art. As the seventh-largest city in Germany, Dresden was frequently host to Richard Wagner’s newest compositions and home to the Electors and Kings of Saxony. Hence the amazing baroque and rococco architecture of the Altstadt (old city). All of this came crashing down on the night of February 13, 1945.

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Gingerbread Houses with a Side of Milk // Goslar, Germany

Gingerbread Houses in Goslar via Beer Time With Wagner

I feel like my relationship with gingerbread houses is quite similar to one of my favorite childhood books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. If you give Jordan a gingerbread house, she’ll ask for a fairy tale German town. And if you give Jordan a fairy tale German town, she’ll ask for blue skies. And if you give Jordan blue skies, she’ll want a snowy backdrop. And if you give Jordan a snowy backdrop, she’ll ask for mountains in the distance. There’s probably also a beer and a coffee and some chocolate thrown in there somewhere ;)

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Brockenbahn in Winter // Harz Mountains, Germany

Brockenbahn in Winter via Beer Time With Wagner

Fairy tales, spying, espionage, and witches. These are just some of the stories that surround the mystery of the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz Mountains. I spontaneously booked a train ticket last Tuesday and got to take in this gorgeous view this past weekend! After staying in the quaint city of Goslar, I woke up early Saturday morning to catch the Brockenbahn (Brocken Railway). The snow, the scenery, the sunshine! This train ride did not disappoint.

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10 Cities Not to Miss in the Balkans

After living in the Balkans for about 8 months almost 2 years ago (how has it already been that long?!), I still can’t stop singing the praises of this amazing region. Still misconstrued as dangerous due to the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, this peninsula is now a hot spot for tourists looking for cheap, undiscovered, historical, outdoorsy destinations!

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Looking Back on 2016

Looking Back on 2016 via Beer Time With Wagner

Wow 2016, what a year you’ve been! At the start of every year, I can’t imagine how the new year can possibly top the previous year…and yet, it always manages to do so. 2016, you’ve been the best year yet. I finished business school, graduated, started dating an amazing guy, moved to Hamburg, began a new job, and got a 3-year visa for Germany! Here are some of the (travel) highlights of 2016!

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