Must Dos in Edinburgh // Scotland

Must Dos in Edinburgh via Beer Time With Wagner

As I enter my final month in Edinburgh, Scotland (!!!), I’m rounding up some of my favorite must dos in Edinburgh. I realize that I’ve done a horrible job of actually sharing information about Edinburgh and my time here. I’ll do a much more in-depth post about graduate school here, pros and cons, etc. but for now, enjoy these snippets of Edinburgh from the past few months!

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Kieler Woche + A SURVEY!

Kieler Woche via Wayfaring With Wagner

I spent the past 10 days between Hamburg, Germany (my future home) and Kiel, Germany, the Prince’s hometown. I’ve had such a wonderful time these past few months exploring Kiel with the Prince and last week, I got to experience the biggest event of the year – Kieler Woche! Kieler Woche (in English: Kiel Week) is the largest sailing event in the entire world. The event usually has around 5,000 sailors, 2,000 ships, and anywhere from 1-3 million visitors. I spent most of the week indulging in festival food and walking along the water!

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A Day at British Parliament // London

A Day At British Parliament via Beer Time With Wagner

By now you’ve probably realized that I’m obsessed with anything to do with politics. Combined that with the Prince’s obsession with politics, specifically British politics, and you pretty much have the biggest #LoveNerds (as my sister likes to call us).

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