Life Lately // Welcome to Hamburg!

Welcome to Hamburg via Beer Time With Wagner

I have officially finished my first week in Hamburg and I’m absolutely loving it here! I think I’m being totally spoiled with warm weather and sunny skies. After work almost every day, my boyfriend picks me up and we explore a new area of our neighborhood. We also stopped by a delicious wine festival Thursday night that was complete with live music and food trucks :)

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Gallivanting in Gdansk // Poland

Gallivanting in Gdansk via Beer Time With Wagner

Poland has been high on my travel list since I started this blog almost three years ago. When I initially outlined the 30 countries I wanted to visit before I turned 30, Poland was number one. However, even though it borders Germany, I never had the opportunity to visit the country when I lived in Germany. Thankfully, cheap flights from Edinburgh to Poland and a university break allowed me to take full advantage of traveling through the entire country.

To be honest, I only booked my plane ticket to Gdansk because it was non-stop and super cheap. Prior to booking the flight, I hadn’t really even heard of Gdansk and thus decided to only spend a night in the city. Well, that ended up being one of my biggest regrets because Gdansk is GORGEOUS. Seriously, out-of-this-world stunning! Please excuse me in advance for the amount of photos I’m going to share with you!

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Wine Tasting on Old Mission Peninsula // Traverse City, Michigan

Wine Tasting on Old Mission Peninsula via Beer Time With Wagner

Nestled between West and East Grand Traverse Bay is Old Mission Peninsula. One of the oldest areas of Traverse City, Michigan and home to the beloved cherry orchards of the region, this 19-mile strip of land has emerged as one of the best wine regions in all of the United States. Although a relatively new industry, the wine region of Traverse City has won many accolades and awards including – One of the 7 Top Wine Regions to Watch in the USA (only wine region outside of California) by Tasting & Touring magazine, One of the 7 Under-The-Radar Wine Regions in the World by Thrillist, and One of the Top 10 Places to Enjoy Local Wines by USA Today. If you haven’t noticed, I’m just a bit proud of my adopted hometown of Traverse City ;)

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Observations on the USA (by the German Boyfriend!)

Observations on the USA via Beer Time With Wagner

Blogging friends, if you are expecting to read a blog post from Jordan, I’m afraid that I have to disappoint you. After having been referred to as “the Prince” in many previous blog posts, having had my girlfriend observe differences in my country on no less than three occasions (read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), and having her even disclose my funny mistakes in the English language and my sleep talking habits, it is finally time for me to have my own say! ;)

Obviously this rare opportunity had to be chosen wisely! After having just completed a wonderful two-week trip in the USA with Jordan, what could be more fitting than my very own list of observations on America?

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A Perfect Day on Mackinac Island // Michigan, USA

Mackinac Island via Wayfaring With Wagner

Between the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and right at the intersection of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron is the hidden gem of Mackinac Island. Conde Nast magazine famously named it as one of the Top 10 islands in the world! As a child living in Washington, D.C., my family frequently visited Mackinac Island in the summers. There are videos of me as a two year old waiting  for the ferry to arrive and me screaming, “I see the boat, Mommy! I see the boat!” Needless to say, I was a very excitable child ;)

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